Important Note

The Scopus API will be migrated to a new interface. Originally, that new interface was to be available from September 10th onwards, however this date has changed.

The new interface will now be available in early December 2011, at which point we will stop accepting registrations for the old interface, and will only accept registrations for the new interface.

The old interface will continue to exist after December, and any site registrations and API Keys created before the cutover will continue to be valid. However, the old interface will be fully decommissioned in 2012, which means that any application or site that is using the old interface will have to migrate to the new interface by then.

In light of this, new users of the Scopus API may wish to wait until December and register for the new interface.

If you have any questions or concerns, or have a need for access to Scopus data through APIs before December, contact us at: